Mesh, rosette and OSS behaviour during parameter study in ACP


Let's say I have a rectangular shell cuboid with rosettes on three sides and a OSS on top.

If I want to run a parameter study on this geometry, how do I know that my rosettes and OSS stay at their assigned position while the geometry changes, assuming that the input parameters define my geometry?

Also, how can I select all elements in a specific area of the geometry, for example on the side panels?



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  • Thank you for your answer @Rameez_ul_Haq !

    I'm using only parallel rosettes but since my geometry is only getting scaled I might use edge-wise rosettes. That might reduce workload in case a rosette wanders of during the study.

    As for my second question, the selection would stay the same during the parameter study, wouldn't it? How would I access, for example, the thickness of each element of this section?



  • Rameez_ul_HaqRameez_ul_Haq Member
    edited November 2020

    If you are just scaling the model in the parametric study, then i think the selection would remain the same. However, if you are making some modifications to the geometry by yourself (which you cannot since that would mean that you cannot do the parametric study), then that named selection can get lost and then you might have to rename it.

    As far as the scaled geometry is concerned, then there is no rotation of the geometry. Hence you can also directly use the parallel rossette as well. However, if there is a rotation in the geometry, then the fiber directions will be different on each of the design point. This problem can easily be shunned if edge wise rossette is used.

    Use a 'sampling tool' in ACP Pre to find out the thickness of the location where you want to find the thickness. Make that the output under the parametric study.

    (Please also click on 'Yes' if this answered your question).

  • Thanks again for you answer. When I create a sampling point I am not able to select it as a parameter. I create a parameter in the parameter tab and click in the 'Object' field and then on my sampling point but nothing happens, the field only turns red.

    Also, what do I need to do to select 'String' as type?

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