HFSS Incident plane wave

I simulated the metamaterial (transmitted array) using the incident plane wave in HFSS. when i ploted the radiation pattern, it looks including both incident field and scattering field.

what should i do to eliminate incident field in radiation pattern plot?


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    Hi @EM2020,

    Please share the screenshots of your simulation model, setup and the type of plot which you are trying to plot so that we can serve you better. Use "upload image" to insert the screenshots.

    Thanks for reaching us. All the best.

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  • Hi pmunaga,

    As shown in the figure below, I simulated the Gaussian beam incident on the metallic plate.

    When I plot the radiation pattern, it has two beams, although I selected the total or scattered fields option.

    But in the total fields option, the plot of the E-field looks right where only one beam is reflected. But why the radiation seems wrong?

    Is there any option to plot the right one?


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    the field plot is a near-field, the radiation pattern is a far-field. The far-field is taken as a fourier transform of the boundary fields to infinity.

    Personally, I did not do scattering simulations in HFSS. (I made a lot of such in OpenEMS). But normally you take not a beam, but a plane wave, which is deducted from the outer region uniformly, leaving only scattered data on the radiation boundary for far-field calculation. There should be a tutorial for HFSS somewhere.

    Subtracting the incident field from the interior region seems pointless to me... it will always produce virtual cancellation fields which you can not distinguish from scattered fields because of lack of phase data in 2D plot

    Btw, for better results define a larger simulation space with radiation planes normal to the beams...

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