Material frequency dependency maxwell 3d

Hello, I am simulating a transient with an Helmholtz coil which is inside mu-metal. Mu-metal is a material with high permeability which changes with frequency. I have made a simulation without the dependence between permeability and frequencies, now I would like to add this dependence. I can't find a way to do it. Any helps?


  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator


    Can you upload some screenshots to understand what's your application is.

    As far as I know frequency dependent permeability data can be defined in HFSS. So, I just want to understand if your application has anything to do with simulating in HFSS.



  • Here you have the images, I have to simulate a transient. I sow you can change frequency and permeability dependence for a material in HFFS, but I think you can't simulate a magnetic transient. I am using "Maxwell 3D".

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