Average battery model vs 5 layers model. Getting different results

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I'm trying to model a battery by using 5 diferente domains. When I compared the results given in the manual for the average model with my results, I can clearly see that what I'm doing is wrong. For my 5 layers model, the temperature is the same everywhere. For the average model, this is not the case.

The average thermal properties are taken from the manual. For each of the domains, their properties are taken from the manual as well.

Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how can I solve it? (MSMD NTGk model)

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    If the temperatures are the same everywhere then it seems like the heat transfer is not happening between, for example, the active cell zones and the tabs.

    So please check that the mesh is connected between different cell zones. If you are using Mesh Interfaces then make sure the Coupled option is selected.

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