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I am doing a 2D static structural analysis with 2 steps and 80 substeps. My main outcomes are the penetration results of a contact pair (from the Solution Contact Tool). I am doing a parametric study and for each design point I need to export a text file with the penetration results and the time value for all 80 substeps.

I thought the best way to do that would be a Post26 APLD command added under Solution but I can't get the command to work properly. The code I am using is the following:






*dim,penetrat,array,size           !




dpFolder = '\dp'

dpLoc = STRPOS(_wb_SolverFiles_dir(1),dpFolder)

CutPath = STRSUB(_wb_SolverFiles_dir(1),dpLoc+3,6)

DirSepLoc = STRPOS(CutPath,'\')

dpNb = STRSUB(CutPath,1,DirSepLoc-1) 






In the solver output, after the "esol" function I an getting the warning "No data points are saved during this storage step." Doesn't the results file store the contact tool solution too?

The other issue is that I need the penetration result for the whole edge of the contact pair not only one element or node. Is this feasible in an APDL command?

 Thank you in advance for you help!

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  • yes you can get output of particular edge.

    if possible share your file. Without it, is difficult to reply.

    instead of using *get,size,vari,,nsets   try this *get,my_size,vari,,nsets (my_ : is ansys default prefix)

    are you getting any value in my_size in the RESULTS ?

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    I replaced the *get,size,vari,,nsets  with *get,my_size,vari,,nsets and obtained a my_size result but the value was 0. According to the Post Output, there is something wrong with the esol,2,5729,6183,cont,pene command.

    I am trying to share a simplified version of my model but it seems I am not allowed to attach a ".wbpz" to this comment.

    Thank you!


  • As the value is 0, that means you are not following proper ANSYS syntax.

    Once you get any value, then it works fine.

    try to share your file, its difficult to solve problem without it.

    You can share you file, search for share wbpz file format in ANSYS FORUM.

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