Solver Pivot warning detected in the UY degree of freedom. Help

So I am trying to run a simulation on this shaft with discs and vanes and the vanes and the discs are to be modelled as shell elements and the two faces are fixed as shown in the picture.

So I used the midsurface command to make them shell elements and i put the pressures accordingly and got this error. At the first run I didn't have any connections so i added frictionless contacts and ran and still didn't work. So I also put a contact tool to make sure there is not too much gap or penetration and ran again and different error.

Now I tried modelling just the vanes as shell elements and discs as solids. And tried all the steps above same result.

At the end I tried the model with all solids and it worked but that is not the simulation that is required.

Can anyone assist please


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