Elastomer sample (Neo-Hookean) contain invalid property data.

I can't run the simulation as this message keep popping out...

"Elastomer sample (Neo-Hookean) contain invalid property data. These problems are: elasticity is required, but is currently undefined. these problems must be corrected."

How do I solve this? Need help... Thanks in advance!


  • Did you do curve fitting in Engineering Data?

  • @StevenChoong It took me a long time to understand how to use the Hyperelastic material models provided in the Engineering Data library.

    @djandric asks if you have run curve fitting, but that is only part of your problem, and not even a required element.

    Here is what I figured out. When you open Engineering Data and click the button for Engineering Data sources, there are a list of Hyperelastic Materials such as Elastomer Sample (Neo-Hookean) and Neoprene Rubber. By clicking in column C, I can add those two to my model. In the screen snap below, you can see I have highlighted the Elastomer Sample (Neo-Hookean). Note that there are only two types the Properties below and they are both Test Data.

    In the screen snap below, you can see I have highlighted Neoprene Rubber. Note that after four types of Test Data is the Material Model" Neo-Hookean" and that has two required constants on rows 17 an 18.

    If I turn off Engineering Data Sources, I can create a new material by typing its name and dragging and dropping a material model such as Neo-Hookean on that name as I have done in the screenshot below. I can type my own values for the two required constants in the material model on rows 3 and 4.

    So Steven, the error message you got was because there is no material model in your material definition. The corrective action is to drag and drop a material model, such as Neo-Hookean, onto the Elastomer Sample and fill out the two required constants. Once you do that, the Curve Fitting rows will show up to help you find good values for the two required constants.

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