Boundary conditions mess up when changing geometric parameters in ANSYS WB. Help

Hello all, here you the model that on which I'm doing a parametric study on. More specifically, on the thickness and the width of the top body and how they affect the max stress and stiffness of this so called spacer. Encircled in red the two bodies are bonded and encircled in yellow the bodies are frictionally bonded. The bottom part is connected to the ground and in yellow a prescribed displacement in z, and x and y are free. This rather simple model is solved correctly.

Once I go back in Workbench and change (for example) the thickness of the top plate and let it run to find out what the max stresses and stiffness's are, my mechanical model completely freaks out. If I open it the given prescribed displacement is all of a sudden exploded, see second picture.

Could someone please explain what is going wrong, why do my boundary condition get overwritten?


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