HELP PLEASE! I need you!


I reinforced an area of my model and I got this:

I need to change the side of the shell in which the reinforcement is.

Could anybody help me?

I need that reinforcement in the same area but not in the outer side but in the interior one of my model (which is a kayak)

Here another photograph:


Thank you!!!


  • Gary_SGary_S Forum Coordinator

    I believe you need to Flip Surface Normal or Reverse the Surface Normal Direction of your "reinforcement"

    This is done in the CAD program.

    In SpaceClaim

    Measure (tab) / Quality (group) Normal. Select on the face, an arrow will indicate which face is normal. To flip the area face, select on the face, Right Mouse Button and choose Reverse Face Normal.

    in DM with Tool > Flip Surface Normal

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