How do I create a tapering coil with constant diameter?


I created this geometry using an external CAD then imported into ANSYS Design Modeler. I need a method of drawing a coil directly on design modeler so I can parameterize just the coil diameter. The sweep method shrinks or expands the coil diameter, which I definitely don't want. Thanks!



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    You say "parameterize just the coil diameter" then you say "sweep method shrinks or expands the coil diameter". I don't understand what you mean.

    There is a wire diameter, which is the circular profile that is swept along the path at the center of the circle.

    There is a coil diameter, but that only applies to the lower portion of the upper image, where the coil has a constant diameter.

    The upper portion of the upper image has conical shape with a constantly varying diameter.

    If you parameterize the coil diameter, and increase the diameter by 1 um, what do you want to happen in the conical portion? Do you want the conic portion to be offset by 1 um.

    What is the goal of your analysis? A structural analysis might use Beam elements and the wire diameter is a property of the element. The geometry is just a 3D curve and there is no solid geometry.

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