Blank screen with no templates in Ansys AIM, please help

Hello, I noticed that this problem is faced by few others here and no solution has been proposed by Ansys team. Kindly help me out, I need AIM for my masters thesis.

I am using Omen laptop with nVidia Geforce RTX 2070 with MAX - Q design graphics card. I have tried updating the graphics card. I have also reset my computer and updated all my drivers (including graphics card) still same problem. There is only graphics device here, hence by default the nVidia card is chosen.

Kindly provide a solution.

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  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator
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    @ralph and @Mandy This could be a Locale issue. Although you may think you have set one of the language correctly in the "Region and Language" Settings page, you must adjust the "Administrative language settings". Please let me know if this has any impact.

    1. From the Windows search, enter Region, and click on the "Region & Language Settings" result.


    2. Click on the "Administrative Language Settings"

    If "Administrative Language Settings" option is not visible, click "Additional date, time, & regional settings.


    Next click "Change Location"

     3. In Regions panel, select "Formats" tab. From the Format dropdown list, select the language that was set in "Region and Language" Settings page. 


    4. Save the changes and close all panels.

    5. Run Discovery AIM.


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