Unable to open ANSYS 2015 files on ANSYS 2020

arshiaharshiah Member Posts: 7


When I tried to run Workbench files (Maxwell and Steady state coupled) made in 2015 version on ANSYS 2019 version, I get these errors. But when I open the workbench file. The geometry in the Maxwell file is missing, and I am not able to change any parameters Thermal steady state file (it has gone into read-only mode).

System.IO.IOException: Access to the path 'C:\Users\usedid\Desktop\foldername\USB Drive\1.Thermal 2D archive\Thermal_2D_files\dpall\global\Ansoft\project_R3_mica insulation.aedtresults\Benchmark_Insl_Rchange_mica.results' is denied.

  at Ansys.Ansoft.CoreAddin.Migration.MigrationHandlerMoveHFSSDesignerQ3dIntoAnsysEDT.PostProjectLoadDelegate(IFullContext context)

  at Ansys.Ansoft.CoreAddin.Migration.PostProjectLoadMigrationHelper.DoPostProjectLoadMigration(IFullContext context) at Ansys.Ansoft.CoreAddin.Events.ProjectReplaceDoneEventObserver.Receive(IEvent eventInfo)  at Ansys.Core.Events.EventInvoker.Invoke()


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