Why deformation decreases by increasing number of impacts?

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In modeling a structure under repeated impact loads (10 Pressure pulses at 10 steps)as below, I have a problem reading the results!

The problem is that logically, the structure's permanent deformation (at the center) should increase, But what I get doesn't fulfill this idea

Could anyone help me with this issue please?

PS. it's a transient structural analysis, my model has initial deformations as well as heat affected zone (reduced material characteristics) and welding residual stresses.

Materials are modeled as elastic-plastic (multilinear isotropic hardening), but I remember once one of the members told me to capture the material using Chaboche constants to get the hysteresis loop and read the permanent deformations, But the fact is that I couldn't find this constants for my material! (marine grade Aluminums)

Right now, I read the total deformations at the center of the panel. Could it be the cause of the problem? If so, what should I read instead?

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  • @elhamasadi

    You will need to provide a lot more detailed information about your model to get advice on what to measure to evaluate the effect of the repeated loads.

    Can you create a Project Archive .wbpz file and put that in a zip file to attach to your reply? That will let me take a closer look, but ANSYS staff are not permitted to download attachments, so insert images to explain a lot more about your model to get help from the ANSYS experts.

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    Here's the project archive file. I want to calculate the exact value if nonlinear plastic strains (or deformations) occurred after each load.

    Archive removed at user's request, Rob

    The other information I've got is the chart below, about Ramberg-Osgood parameters. But I don't know how to use it. (Of course I have no idea if these information have anything to do with my problem)

  • @peteroznewman

    your suggestion to turn off the time integration option totally solved my problem.

    Thank you for your time and kind and generous explanations.

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