Sketch not snapping to mesh curve/facets


I imported an STL file into SpaceClaim. The STL file more or less decribes a hollow cylindrical shell. When I go to the sketch mode and want to sketch on a plane that intersects the mesh, I nicely see the blue and green lines that fit the cross section of the mesh. However I am not able to snap to these lines. As far as I know this should be possible though. I can also not project them to the sketch surface.

So basically it nicely shows the mesh curves, but I can not interact with them.

what am I doing wrong, as the manual says I should be able to snap to these lines.

Thanks in advance for your reply.



  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    In SpaceClaim, STL facet bodies are not considered geometry which is why you can't snap to any of those facets in the sketch.

    If you right click on the body name in the Structure, you can select Convert to Solid

    You have to answer Yes to the warning, then you will have a surface that is considered geometry.

    If you don't want all those faces in your surface body, you can use some tools that SpaceClaim has to skin a Nurbs surface over the facets.

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