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I saw a paper write by “Jim Day, LSTC”, the title is “Guidelines for ALE Modeling in LS-DYNA”. In this paper, quote “ the ALE solver is not a full Navier-Stokes solver and thus does not account for fluid boundary layer

effects such as drag. Effects of fluid viscosity derive solely via the material model, e.g., via MU

in *mat_null. The ALE solver (ALE compressible flow solver) has been developed with the

intent of simulating short duration problems with high pressure and velocity gradients.”

I looked into DYNA manual, it does not contain the governing equation of fluid.

So my question is, which governing equation of fluid does DYNA ues in ALE? Why it is not a full Navier-Stokes solver?Is it a compressible flow solver or not?

I cannot find my answer by google it, So i come here and hope professional can help me.

Thanks a looot!


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