Nodes Distortion

Hello everyone,

Can any one help me why there is nodal distortion in my FE Model? I was doing an analysis to pre-stress my model thermally but the model doesn't looks good. Any help will be appreciated. I have attached 2 pictures one for boundary conditions and other of the distortion. It's a shell model.



  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
    edited November 2020


    On the rectangular face that was meshed with distorted elements, add Face Meshing to force the surface to get quad elements. If you don't get a uniform mesh with just this, add Edge Sizing to all four edges to force an equal number of nodes on opposite sides. You might have to set the behavior to Hard to force that.

  • It worsened. I wanted to add a displacement on the right edge in next step to take pre-stress due to thermal expansion into account but because of distortion it fails to solve. Any help how can i proceed if this continues?

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