Design Points Updates

Federico2594Federico2594 Member Posts: 5

There is something strange when you operate with Design Points Directly in Ansys Workbench. When i create a new design point and i set this "As a Current" to work on it, i don't understand why in the other Operation Points appears the thunderbolt to be updated.

I would expect the others to remain the same as before with the results without possible updates.

This is a tip I would like to give for a possible ANSYS improvement.


  • RobRob UKPosts: 8,886Forum Coordinator

    Creating a new design point can mess up the tables, so whilst there has been no change to the other data sets the project requires an update. Unfortunately the project level checks don't distinguish from a change that doesn't alter existing data (eg new design point) and one that does (eg change in geometry parameter or material property).

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