Concatenate strings and/or creating 2D array variables in Maxwell

In Maxwell, is it possible to concatenate strings (such as string entries in an array variable)? Also, in Maxwell, is it possible to make 2D array variables in addition to 1D array variables?


  •  You can do such operations using python scripting - get the variable values and then concatenate as you would in python. For example, if you have a variable named A with value ["str1","str2"], you can write a script to get "str1" and "str2" using oDesign.GetVariableValue("A"). This will return ["str1","str2"] as a string. Then apply regular python commands to strip non-alphanumeric and concatenate to "str1str2". What is the purpose of doing this? To answer your second question, it is not possible to make 2D array variables.

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