Can I view which mesh files (the names of them) are loaded into Fluent?


As the title suggests I have a case and data file for Ansys Fluent but I can't remember what mesh files I used.

I have a lot and they all look like each other. Is there a way to let Fluent tell me what the name of the mesh files are that were loaded into Fluent?

Also, can I open a mesh file in Ansys meshing and see what sizings etc. I used?

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  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    No, the case file records the solver settings and cell locations, but not the mesh name (it's not needed). 

    Where did you create the mesh?

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    If you have saved the file as a .msh file, you will not be able to open the mesh file in ANSYS WorkBench Meshing. However, if you have saved your original mesh file as .mshdb, you should be able to open it up in Meshing to check your sizing settings.

    If you have not manually changed the name of the case file while saving, Fluent (standalone session at least) uses the name of the mesh file as the case name. More often than not, we are used to changing the name while saving the case and data files. I generally create a new folder for each simulation run and have the respective mesh, case, and data files in there. This way I am reasonable sure of the mesh I used for my simulation.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for the answers.

    Too bad it can't be done, I guess I'll have to just open and compare some of the files I have and see if I can deduce which ones I used.


    Ps. I created the mesh in Ansys Meshing.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    If you did the work in ANSYS Meshing, saved the project and use Fluent in Workbench then the mesh connected in the workflow is the one you used. 

    Too late now, but I always use a naming convention that ties geometry, mesh & solver together so I can identify files: it's safer than writing down the names too. 

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