Application Failed to Connect Error while Opening Results from Workbench 2020 R1

As the picture below shows, I encountered an error called "Application failed to connect" while trying to open the results from my Ansys Student Workbench 2020 R1:

I checked some previous posts on this issue but none of them worked ( for example).

I first installed 2020 R2, and the error occurred. I thus un-installed R2 and installed R1, but the issue persists.

Besides, I can successfully launch CFD-Post standalone in the Ansys Inc folder, as attached below. However, I don't know how to open the results in this standalone program without using the workbench.

I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me how the error might be resolved or how I could open the results from my Fluent Simulation in the Standalone CFD-Post program to kind of avoid this error.


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