is it possible to connect multiple remote points with one another and define each DOF separately

I have the following issue, there is a pile laying on the small squares of this "see-saw" I only want to model de small square pads and I'm not interested in the seesaw itself. Can i make 2 remote points in the blue holes and one remote point in the middle bigger hole and connect them? I have tried this and assigned a remote displacement on the geometry of the small squares, with the remote point in the blue hole. And I have assigned a remote point with the scoping method "remote points" and selected the 2 remote points in the blue holes and have selected the remote point in the bigger hole as "remote point".

In my head this should work when I release (only) the rotational DOF around the holes for all 3 of the remote displacement. In my results is see no rotation whatsoever.


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member Posts: 11,054


    I understand you are not interested in the seesaw, but it is required to get a proper mechanism of the two pads. In Mechanical, under Geometry, select the seesaw body and in the Details window, set the Stiffness Behavior to Rigid. This allows the seesaw to be present but requires almost no nodes and elements to provide the proper DOF to the mechanism. Now you can create three Revolute Joints. One on each pad at the pivot holes, and one Revolute joint Body-Ground to allow the seesaw to pivot at the center.

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