How to locate cell in a specified thread based on given coordinates?

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I'm working on a UDF for simulating Vertical-Axis Turbines in Fluent via an Actuator Line Model (ALM).

One of the main issues I've encountered is the sampling of the flow velocity in multiple points of a specified mesh thread, where the turbine rotor is. This has to be done inside the UDF for each blade element (considering 3 blade and 40 points for each blade, they are 120 in total).

So far, I've used a function based on DPM_Locate_Point:

  t = Lookup_Thread(d, ID_thread);


    a.ct.c = c;

    a.ct.t = t;

    DPM_Locate_Point(Ps, &a, 0.0, 0);

    c = RP_CELL(&a);

    t = RP_THREAD(&a);


which is repeated for every sampling point. This process however has revealed to be extremely slow. Is there a better way this can be done?

Thank you for your help,


Pier Francesco


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