Is there any way to input the stress values at a node to a corresponding node in another similarmesh

How to import the stresses resulting from a thermal analysis as the input conditions for a structural problem?

To transfer the loads at each node in a particular mesh (after performing a thermal analysis) to a corresponding node in another similar mesh as the input


  • rkumbharrkumbhar PuneForum Coordinator

    Hi @sujinbmarkose You can connect 'solution' cell of thermal analysis to the 'setup' cell of structural analysis and solve the structural analysis. You will get the stresses due to thermal analysis. Furhter, you can apply other loads in second load step in structural analysis.

    You can also export the stresses X,Y,Z and XY,YZ, ZX component. You need to plot these results in Mechanical and then right click on them to export in csv format. The you can use 'External Data' system to import these csv file and connect the 'External Data' to 'Setup' cell of new model.

  • Thank you sir for this valuable information.

    is this the method applicable in workbench?

    Is there any method through which we can implement this idea in "Mechanical APDL".If so, please explain the steps to link the solution cell with the setup cell.

  • rkumbharrkumbhar PuneForum Coordinator

    Hi @sujinbmarkose yes, this method is applicable in Workbench.

    In APDL you need to use commands. If you are familiar with APDL commands, it would be easier. General idea id you need to export the stress results in CSV file from one analysis using long APDL script. In second analysis you can import the stresses as initial condition using 'IC' command. For more details of IC command, please check

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