Material assignment in named selection

Hi everybody!

I am working on Static Structural Analysis in ANSYS R20.1 and here goes my question.

I have a single body, that is meshed and I need to select some of the elements within this mesh and assign different material properties than the rest of the structure. Some primitive questions arise within this context:

i) Can I somehow select elements that correspond to a certain value in space (e.g. pointcloud match) in an automated manner?

ii) I have found out about the APDL commands (mpchg, emodif) where it is allowed that the attributes of an element can change, such as material. Given that I have derived a named selection of my points/elements could I make use of a Command Snippet at the Static Structural interface, probably combining this with the REAL CONSTANT of the named selection? If so, where should I place the snippet?

In the Static Structural context, I have noticed that I can assign a material based on a named selection, but not when the named selection is either elemental or nodal.

I have been following this wonderful forum for more than the past year. I have to thank you all for putting time and effort on publicly discussing your modeling issues, it's been insightful! Exceptional forum operators/moderators and community overall!

Thanks a lot!



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