Material Assignment in Parametric Study

BradFBBradFB Member Posts: 1

Hello all,

Im running a parametric study in Ansys WB, each time the geometry is updated for each design point, the material assignment is wiped and I get the following message: 'The Model component in Static Structural for design point 1 requires user input before it can be updated'.

Why is this happening?

Also, I dont want automatic connections to be created, is there a way to avoid this for each design point?


Brandom F.


  • KremellaKremella Posts: 2,471Admin


    Each time a geometry is created in your case, you have the same consistent number of parts in your geometry? If this is not the case, I can see why the tool would ask you to assign materials each design point. It is an important step in your parametric run to ensure that changing your parameters does not break / change the overall workflow.

    I hope this helps.



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