How to create geometry for TOPOLOGY OPTIMIZATION in spaceclaim

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Hey guys, I want to create a custom torque sensor (AKA flat torsional spring) using Topology optimization in ANSYS. The exclusion region for this I want (outside for the outer red line & inside for the inner red line) with the highlighted yellow part to be my design inclusion region. How do I create this geometry in spaceclaim such that I can select these regions to be excluded out of my topology optimization analysis?


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    You could split the part as needed. The split body, and/or combine design tools (under the design tab) should help here.

    Alternatively one can start in the sketch so that when we extrude we get 3 different parts/regions as needed, and then use the shared topology to connect their faces so we get a compatible mesh between the parts.

    There are many tutorials on the internet for spaceclaim, on how to use these tools.

    Thank you


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    Thanks for the reply Erik. From my understanding using the split body command requires me to create a plane, how do i create a circular plane for this object to split it from? Or is my understanding incorrect?

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    One can create circular surfaces (say by pulling a circular sketch edge), and then use that to split the body.

    If not easy then you can use the second approach where you create and extrude/pull the different regions and parts and then use the shared topology to connect the faces between them.

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