Static Structural Anaylses - Nodal deflection does not match with Contact Tool solution

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Hi everyone,

In my model I detect some penetration when I analyse two single notes (0,15mm). However, the penetration plot of the Contact Tool shows much lower penetration (0,01mm). How come?

Please see my detailed description down below:

During simulation one body moves down (negative z) on an other body. In preprocessing I read out the initial node distance in z reading the selection information, which shows that the nodes are almost in touch having a tiny gap in between (Pic1). In postprocessing I read out nodal deflection in Z of the exact same nodes which leads to penetration of about 0,15mm (Pic2). My question is, why does the Contact Tool only show 0,01mm penetration for the exact same spot (Pic3)?

Initial gap: 2,75-2,7482=0,0018mm

Deformed gap: (2,75-0,17843)-(2,7482-0,023517)=-0,15mm

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