Cardiovascular Stent Project SIG$SEGV error

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I'm using the Academic Student 2020 R2 version of ANSYS and I'm following the online course as best as possible but every time I run the solver I get this error shortly after pressing solve.

I've already tried reinstalling and restarting the project multiple times but I still get the same error in the same place. I've also tried solutions posted on similar discussions such as deleting/moving the temp folder.

 *** ERROR ***                          CP =      2.828  TIME= 16:47:40

 An unexpected error ( SIG$SEGV ) has occurred... ANSYS internal data  

 has been corrupted. ANSYS is unable to recover and will terminate.    

 Previously saved files are unaffected. Please send the data leading   

 to this operation to your technical support provider, as this will     

 allow ANSYS, Inc to improve the program.                               

 Current ANSYS Traceback:









Best Answer

  • NolemNolem Member Posts: 3
    Accepted Answer

    Turns out the error has something to do with the Academic version of ANSYS. Solved by going into Mesh and changing "Element Order" from "Program Controlled" to "Linear"


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