cell next to the wall

Hi everybody,

I have a question, and I desperately ask everyone to see this message and some familiar with this problem.

My project is a multiphase simulation, and I have a defined profile for heat flux on the wall; this is a rotation wall, and therefore, this heat flux shoulder be applied on the wall by their amount of the phase.

the problem is that there is NOT any macro for VOF on the wall, so I use VOF(c0, to), but there were a problem and fluent crash out (the image attached)

Is there anybody who can help me to find out a way for this problem?

this is my code:

DEFINE_PROFILE(heatflux_slip_shoulder_W, t, i)


face_t f;

double pi = 3.1415927;

double w = 1120;

double U = 0.002;

double press = 12700000;

double delta = 0.9;

double etta = 0.7;

double heat_ratio = 0.6383;



double p[ND_ND]; /* this will hold the position vector */

double x, y, r, sigma_6, sigma_5, tav_6, tav_5, tav, fric, qslip, FV;

double temp = F_T(f,t);

FV = C_VOF(F_C0(f,t),THREAD_T0(t));

F_CENTROID(p, f, t);

x = p[0];

y = p[1];

r = sqrt((x*x) + (y*y));

********* for simplicity and not bothering you, I remove the body of code here************

F_PROFILE(f, t, i) = heat_ratio * qslip;




and this my errors:

Error [node 999999] [time 10/24/20 13:57:27] Abnormal Exit!

Node 0 Fatal signal raised sig = Segmentation fault

Error [node 0] [time 10/23/20 13:47:28] Abnormal Exit!

Thanks a lot


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