MatlabOptimizersForDX always fails

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Dear Ansys Forum,

I am currently trying to start a test program using MatlabOptimizersForDX ( Using MOGA from Ansys when running DesignXplorer I have no problems and I converge to a solution. But using MatlabOptimizersForDX It won't even start the optimization. I simply get this error.

Update failed for the Optimization component in Direct Optimization. An error occured while updating the 'Optimization'. As I am new to ACT I do not understand what this error means nor does it provide me with enough information to solve the error. But I really need the matlab optimization to perform benchmark tests.

For my setup:

In workbench I have set up my optimization as you can see below in the figure.

I downloaded MatlabOptimizersForDX and put it in my documents folder.

I followed the Readme instructions in the pdf and installed the extension. I loaded the extension and I get to choose from all the different optimizers Matlab has to offer. I have tried using both standard values and custom vaues in the optimization, but it always fails when I update my solution. I am clueless and would appreciate any input.


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    ACTs don't generally have the same update cycle as Ansys products. At this point, we don't have this ACT compatible for our 2020 products. It will be updated at a later stage. In the meantime, if your work relies on the ACT, I'd strongly recommend that you use the R19.

    Thank you.



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