TKE Production Suppression

heisenmechheisenmech Member Posts: 33

Dear all,

I've gone through online sources and UDF manual but haven't found any hint on suppression/disabling TKE production/dissipation in two equation based models?

I want to define a new production term, not just a source on the existing one.

Do you think TKE production may be suppressed by subtracting the term Fluent calculates for production ( mu_t * S^2) within new source?

or is there any more elegant way or even direct disable option?

Many thanks.


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    Why do you want to suppress the turbulent production/dissipation? It sounds like you're trying to write a new turbulence model?

  • heisenmechheisenmech Member Posts: 33

    Not really. I 'm trying to re-define tke production by including non-linear stress-strain relation (as an explicit extension on Boussinesq constitutive relation).

    This source term will include Menter's GEKO model's approach for non-linear term together with linear term. Then, I want to test other readily available approaches. To do so, I, somehow, need to suppress default k-w SST tke production.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    Possibly not. You may need to recalculate the Fluent value in the UDF to remove it and then add in your terms.

  • heisenmechheisenmech Member Posts: 33

    Thanks, Rob. That's what I thought as an alternative.

  • heisenmechheisenmech Member Posts: 33

    Hi Rob,

    I've already created a topic but wanted ask you here too as it's a follow-up question.

    I want to compare contours of default tke production and user defined one with custom field (same way as Fluent calculates; mu_t*S*S). When I plot default tke production (production of k in turbulence tab), I get zero for the term everywhere in the fluid domain, whereas custom field function yields non-zero regions which is correct in physical standpoint. I also checked some of my other simulations. Production of k is zero in all cases.

    Any idea why?

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