Dynamic Meshing, Solid rotating around an independent axis

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Hello, my goal is to simulate a flow within a planetary gearbox. For now I am trying to understand how dynamic meshing works and how to set the motion of my gears. To do so, I have made a simple model where a cylinder moves in a cylindrical domain.

My moving cylinder rotate around its own principal Z axis (along the length of the cylinder) and also rotates around the Z axis of the cylindrical domain. Hence I have to define 2 rotations.

Since the cylinder is moving I understood that I should use dynamic meshing.

Here is my question:

to define properly both rotations and the dynamic meshing domain what are the options I should use specifically? i.e. should I set the boundary of the cylinder as ''moving wall'' with a rotational velocity component around its Z axis. OR should I use a moving reference frame.

Besides, I have seen that for dynamic meshing I should use a UDF and I can't seem to find a function that allows me to define the rotation of a rigid body around an axis that is not his own (I need it since in my case, my cylinder is rotating around the Z axis of the cylindrical domain). Is there any way commonly used way to do so?

Thank you for the help

PS: I have attached a cross section of my mesh, the cylindrical whole in the domain is my moving cylinder's boundaries.

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