SMART crack growth - critical crack length


I'm running a fatigue cycle on a hollow cylinder of shell thickness 40mm, with a Semi Elliptical Crack on the surface.

My SMART crack model runs up to a crack extension of 24mm after a cycle of ~77000 cycles, at which point the model stops.

Has it stopped at 24mm as the software believes this is the critical crack length? or because it's met some other parameter?

I have not set a predetermined crack length or time for the model to stop.

Any help appreciated.


  • akhemkaakhemka Forum Coordinator

    Hi @nw196 ,

    For the SMART crack model do you have the Auto Time Stepping set to Program Controlled?

    SMART crack growth will only calculate the first result in that case because the solver will default to one substep. For calculating more increments you need to specify more substeps. For instance, set Auto Time Stepping to 'Off' and then specify the number of substeps.


    Ashish Khemka

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