Autodyn subroutine: Grid variable and IJK solvers

I used mdeos_user_1.f90 (equation of state user subroutine) for air (a single material), and during debugging, I wanted to see if the internal energy and temperature changes were correct.Refer to the ANSYS-Autodyn-Users-Subroutines-Tutorial.pdf. For grid variables, use the function" GV3 ".

  • But I didn't get the right answer by using the function " GV3 ", the internal energy was always 10, and the temperature was always 0. As shown in the picture below,the variable name is INT_ENERGY and TEMP

  • I try the method of obtaining Multi-material variable.The correct temperature and internal energy results are obtained by using the subroutine "GETMLT3".the variable name is int_energy1 and temp1

Have you ever come across this situation ? Why the function "GV " didn't get the right value while the subroutine "GETMLT3"can get the right value?


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