Medini Licensing issue

mskmsk Member Posts: 1

I have the license up and running on License manager, where I can see a green checkmark indicating that it should be working. I got the license from Ansys people after running an executive on my machine

However, when I try to refresh the standard in medina tool (tried medini analyze 2019 R1, Medini analyze 2020 R2, medina analyze 2020 R2 Cybersecurity) I get the error msg (for all three versions):

Failover feature 'ANSYS medini analyze safety analysis Level 4' specified in license preferences is not available.

Request name medini_safety_level4 does not exist in the license pool.

no such feature exists.

Feature: medini_safety_level4

License path:1055@MediniVD;

FlexNet Licensing Error: -5,147

Could anyone tell my what I'm doing wrong?

many thanks


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