Negative loss imported into steady-state thermal

Hi all,

I am a beginner of thermal analysis of induction machines. When I import load into steady-state thermal, I find some coil losses are negative which looks wrong. I am wondering why those losses are negative and how to fix it.

Then, I set 2 convections, one is the outer surface of the stator and another one is all edges of the air area. Ambient temperatures are both 22 degree, film coefficients are both 150 W/㎡·℃. After setting source end time of imported generation to 3000s, and also the analysis settings. Finally, I got a temperature plot which looks wrong, because the temperature is much lower than I thought. And another question is why the hotspots are always in same coils when I run the animation of temperature graph? Do you have any idea for the temperature plot?

Thanks in advance.

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