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Hello all,

I am trying to design a 2D thermal model. I want an air domain or an enclosure for the surface. But, as it displays, I understand it can be done only for bodies.

I saw on the other page to create another plane or rectangular surface on the geometry and try with a boolean operation. But can anyone brief or guide me, how to do this in Spaceclaim?

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  • @Raj007

    Please insert an image into your reply showing the geometry that is the surface you want to have an air enclosure above.

  • Hey Mr. Peteroznewman,

    I have attached the images.

    Thank you


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    It's better if you Insert the images rather than attach the images. The reason is that ANSYS staff are not permitted to download attachments so they can't see your images.

    I have pasted one below. I am confused by this since it looks like three faces in the XZ plane. Please explain where you want the air to be.

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    Okay. I will insert images from the next time.

    Yeah, it has three faces. It is in the XZ plane. I want the air to be around three surfaces. In the same XZ plane.

    Thank you


  • Hello there, Mr. Peteroznewman.


    You say (above here, in one paragraph) the staff doesn't have a permission to download the attachments. But I just read in another forum, that there was a problem with attaching image files and the problem was recently solved....Besides, there is a attachment icon down here in the comment window.....So that sounds more like excuse, then serious argument.

    But in my opinion it is not sufficient to attach image....as the communication tools out there advance, so needs the industry, namely your company.... To really demonstrate a problem one has - unequivocally and clearly - the best thing is to attach video of screen capture.

    I have just made such a video last night and I can see, that there is no way to communicate it to the forums here.....because videos aren't allowed.

    I also learn (simultaneously with SpaceClaim modeler) ZW3D modeler from China...and that company has no problem with videos....They beat you in that sense....

    Sorry...that was not meant to offend you, but to make you realize, that you need to improve the customer communication tools/platform.

    If the picture is worth of 1000 words, then video is worth of 1000x more then that...

  • @Jiri I replied to your comments in a New Discussion. Read about it here: https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/23093/why-ansys-employees-dont-download-attachments#latest

    @Raj007 A 2D analysis in Fluent takes place in the XY plane, not the XZ plane. Open your geometry in SpaceClaim and Move it to the XY plane. On the XY plane, you can draw a large rectangle that surrounds the three strips. Then you can use the Combine tool to subtract the three strips from the large rectangle.

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