HPC failure - Fluent

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I have a fluent case file with an overset grid. the grid is 5.6 million cells with an 8 million cell overset. I have previously ran high grid cases (20 million cells successfully with standard RAM issuance before) However to initialize and run this case I need 16Gb of RAM per processor as opposed to 4Gb before. I am currently running on 4 nodes with 20 PPN (320 Gb of RAM per node). This seems extremly high and means the simulations take over the HPC I am using. Is there ways I can reduce the RAM requirements of my simulation.

I don't have a stong HPC background so some of this is new to me. Any help would be appreciated.

Note: If I have lower memory usage I get this output:

*** glibc detected *** /opt/aci/sw/ansys/2019R3/v195/fluent/fluent19.5.0/lnamd64/3ddp_node/fluent_mpi.19.5.0: free(): corrupted unsorted chunks: 0x0000000005df0a00 ***




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