FW and MTPA characteristic


I am working with a magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor (PMa-SynRM) and I am trying to get the constant power characteristics. Without the assistance of the magnet I obtain the characteristic constant torque through the Machine Toolkit, but when I use the magnet the characteristic doesn't give me something reasonable. Does this kit not work for this type of machine?

Could you tell me if there is a tool to calculate the constant power characteristic or any suggestion to obtain it, any idea or suggestion is good....



  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator

    Hi @Cesar

    PMASRM is also a kind of IPM machine. Machine toolkit supports IPM machine.

    So it should work for PMASRM as well I think.

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  • CesarCesar Member

    Hi Navya

    I tried to simulate it as an IPM but it gave me inconsistent results. I'll give it a try....

    Thanks for your time....

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  • CesarCesar Member

    HI @nchode

    I followed his advice and ran the simulation as a IPM machine, but the results I don't think are correct, I show you

    without PM

    with PM

    Theoretically, the torque on the assisted machine must be higher, but it is not the case...the simulation was carried out under the same conditions.

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