Error in FSI. The couple update for the system static structural threw an exception.

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Hi, I am trying to analyze 2-way FSI. In both static structural+steady fluent and transient structural+transient fluent, I have encountered same error:

"Update failed for the Solution component in system coupling. The coupled update for system Static Structural threw an exception. Error updating cell solution in System Static Structural."

Solution Information:


| Warnings were found during data model validation.              |


| Restart output is only requested at last step. To enable restarts from   |

|   intermediate points, use another 'OutputControl' option.        |

| Participant CouplingParticipant:Solution 1 has the ExecutionControl     |

|   'Option' set to 'ExternallyManaged'. System Coupling will not control  |

|   the startup/shutdown behavior of this participant.           |

| Participant CouplingParticipant:Solution has the ExecutionControl 'Option' |

|   set to 'ExternallyManaged'. System Coupling will not control the    |

|   startup/shutdown behavior of this participant.             |


Awaiting connections from coupling participants...


| "System coupling solution stopped before all participants connected. A   |

| solver failure occurred during the run in the Static Structural system"

Thank you.


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