How to import SW desing to Ansys WB and use parameters on that desing


I have Solidworks 2020 and Ansys educational 2020 R2. I've tried many ways to import SW design but when ı manage to insert it ı couldn't use parameters and when ı tried to use Solidworks tool>Ansys2020 R2> Workbench ı get this error==> The image CAD Solidworks does not exist within the image library

Please help ım new with Ansys and it's obligatory to my project.


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    In Solidworks, you could use the Ansys plugin to create parameters and then import and alternatively, you can change the CAD configuration. Go to Start> Ansys 2020R2> CAD configuration manager (right click), run as administrator. In the pop up window, choose solidworks and change the option to workbench interface. Click Next and choose CAD configuration. You should get a success message. Note: While performing these operations, make sure solidworks and workbench is closed.

  • ı did everything you said before but ı've done it again just for making sure but ım getting the same error again and again. I added a photo of the error maybe helps.

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