3D Components as part of a 3D Layout simulation

I want to simulate a multilayer PCB board imported from Altium in HFSS 3D Layout and include in this simulation some connectors. I have the 3D component of this connector but it is not clear to me how to import a 3D component in 3D layout and define the excitation.

What is the recommended way to do so?


  • pmunagapmunaga Forum Coordinator

    Hi @psquadrito,

    Thank you for reaching to us. We appreciate your patience.

    Kindly refer the "Importing 3D CAD Components into HFSS 3D Layout" section provided in the HFSS 3D layout Help document for detailed information regarding your query.

    All the very best.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi @pmunaga thank you for your help. I will check that.

    I have another question. When i import my design from altium to HFSS 3D Layout (by using ODB++ files) i can clearly see that in my list of "IO components" there are the connectors. I also have a 3D cad component of this connector.

    My question is can i in some way "map" the "3D cad component" onto the "IO component" and simulate this?

  • pmunagapmunaga Forum Coordinator

    Hi @psquadrito,

    I appreciate your patience on your issue and I did not understand your need fully.

    The way I understand is "you would like to add a 3D CAD component on to the existing simulation model and to see this component under IO components".

    Please clarify.

    Best Regards,

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