Dynamic Mesh Problem: Warning: left handed faces detected!


I have a 2D flow simulation consisting of a rectangular domain with a diaphragm separation. There is fluid of high and low pressures on either side of the diaphragm.

I have enabled Dynamic Mesh with Smoothing and Remeshing. There are 2 zones on both sides of the diaphragm which have triangular elements.

The diaphragm is of 0 thickness and is defined as a wall - Diaphragm_1 is associated to the left zone, and Diaphragm_2 is associated to the right zone.

I have written a UDF to define the motion of the diaphragm (diaphragm has only rotational motion about its top point). When I preview zone motion, the diaphragm is shown to move as expected.

The problem is, when I preview Mesh Motion, the preview stops with these errors:

This is how the mesh becomes after I preview mesh motion:

Kindly help. I've been stuck with this problem for weeks!!


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