udf for converting global to local coordinate

krish_rathorekrish_rathore Member Posts: 3

Hello everyone I am learning the udf creation for eulerian-eulerian multiphase flow through pipe bend as fluent provide the global values. Please help me how can I create an udf for global to local coordinate conversion for wall property calculation.

The flow is in the x direction and the pipe is bend by 90 degree in -Z direction.

Please help me and thanks in advance.


  • KremellaKremella Admin Posts: 2,326


    Which wall property do you need this conversion for? Also, what is your local coordinate?


  • krish_rathorekrish_rathore Member Posts: 3

    Thank you Karthik for your reply. I have created a pipe having internal dia as 53mm and the entry pipe length is 1000mm in Xdirection and 90 degree in -Z direction bend as 5.6D with exit pipe length as 1000mm. I am interested to calculate the face normal and tangential components of velocity in local coordinate.

    The geometry was created in design modeller and the inlet pipe center is placed in the origin. I am bit confused about the transformation matrix to be used for the above case.

  • krish_rathorekrish_rathore Member Posts: 3

    It's a multiphase eulerian-eulerian standard K-e granular model and I am interested to calculate the particles velocity at the wall w.r.t. the local coordinate.

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