Is it possible to mirror holes in SpaceClaim Modeler?


Is it possible to lock the 2D geometry used as a "guide" (For projecting or directly creating) solids, so it doesn't get moved or deleted.

Is it possible to lock solids you create, so they cannot get modified, unless you create the modification you want?(Creating 4 holes with projected circles, using PULL command erased 2 solids from the design, same with creating slots)

3D rotation of imported drawing(to bring it in a position, so it can be used to project geometry on created solid) is extremely slow and the dimension window, which opens for you to enter the amount of move(angle in this case)automatically enters some random numbers disregarding what I enter and the result is wrong...tried 9 times, before I got it right.....same goes for X or Y move(using handle).

Cannot execute Mirror command on imported 2D geometry.

Cannot mirror holes in solids.

How can I change normal of a sketch plane/grid (in order to see my imported 2D geometry, which is above it.

How do I perform Boolean on 2 intersecting solids?

Trying to create extruded cut on side of rectangular solid using PULL command creates solid instead of cut(even though the cut option is highlighted...


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