Thrust as a fonction of RPM for propeller

Hello everyone,

I'm a student and a complete beginner with ansys and I have some questions about it (i watched a few videos but they didn't answer them actually).

I modeled a propeller on solidworks and i want to calculate thrust as a function of RPM of the blades. On the videos i've seen they just calculate thrust for one speed of rotation only, as a fonction of time.

So is it possible to get a curve representing thrust with a set of different speed of rotation ?

Moreover, in the videos they choose the speed of air at 15 m.s-1 and I don't understand why...

If you have simpler solutions to get this kind of curve feel free to propose them.

Thank you in advance ! (PS : i'm sorry for my english and if my questions are basic or stupid, as i said i've just downloaded the software.)


  • Hello,

    1. Yes, you should be able to obtain the curve of Thrust as a function of different speeds of rotation. You will need to run separate simulations for each speed of rotation you are interested in, obtain the final steady-state value of thrust, and finally create your plot.
    2. Regarding the speeds used in the video - I can only make a guess. It might be to simplify the flow analysis. As the fluid velocity increase, the unsteadiness in this problem will also increase. You might have to babysit the convergence for such cases, especially if you are running a steady-state analysis.

    Also, don't worry about the English, and no question is stupid.

    Thank you.


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