Name Selection for particular entity from group

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I have questions about creating Name Selection, about control and automation of this operation.

  1. How can I create a separate NS for an individual entity from a selected group for each individual entity from the group. For example. I do not want to create one NS for the selected faces, but I want to create 1 NS for each of the selected faces. I am NOT interested in the situation form the first picture. I am interested in the situation form the second picture. Separation of NS for each of the eight faces, but in an automatic (semi-automatic way), so that I do not have to select each face separately and create manually a NS for it.I am not.dditionally how can I create a Nodal Name Selection for such NS but in one operation (automatic or semi-automatic way) or using one sheet. Again I need 1 NNS for each NS selection.
  2. cronyms: NS - Name Selection, NNS - Nodal Name Selection

acronyms: NShanks - hanks in advance for your time and help.Name

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: I was not able to add pictures.


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