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How to create a similar mesh on 2 different faces that are in contact. 2 seperated bodies with seperated mesh but something like projected mesh -nodes, form 1 body to 2 body.


  • gnagappgnagapp Forum Coordinator

    @PiotrM If you use tetrahedron mesh, you can use "contact match". Contact match is applicable only for tetrahedral meshes. It is not supported with hex mesh. Also the mesh sizes should be similar. . Also try changing the tolerance to see if it helps. Nodes within this tolerance/distance from source and target faces are adjusted to match the meshes

    If you have matching topology at the contact faces, you can use "match control". Both contact and terget faces should have same topology (same size, same number of edges etc)

  • Hi Gnagapp,

    Thanks for the answer. In my case, I cannot use "match control" because the topology is not similar. In some regions I could apply edge inprint and then apply match control but - then it starts to be difficult to control the mesh because very small areas are created, topology becomes complicated and it does not alwyas work, even for simply areas.

    Regarding "contact match" it was a good tip, however for my geometry does not work. Regardless of the tolerance and size of the elements it cannot create a similar mesh (on contact faces) for both bodies. I checked for manually and automatically created contact match. For automatic contact match, it correctly finds faces in contact but in the end does not create any nodal pair.. I have tested this option and generally works for simple geometries. My geomtry is already complicated because it is assembly of multibody parts with extra edges to create a mesh.

    I wanted to create a contact match because I have a problem with "The nodal connectivity of contact element XXX has changed during assembly loop (from target node YYY to ZZZ). This should not happen. "and I thought that might solve the problem.I have already tried add small sliding, weak springs, large deflection - off - no results.

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