LS-DYNA Capability added to ANSYS 2020 R2? (Campus Solutions licence file)

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Good morning,

One of our subscribers has noticed the inclusion of LS-DYNA in ANSYS 2020 R2. Your Customer Portal also has a patch, ANSYS_2020R2.9, for LS-DYNA (Windowsx64). On your website, you have recently added a free versions of LS-DYNA for students, presumably without all the features of a commercial seat.

Previously your company offered only Autodyn, a reduced feature set of LS-DYNA capability, in the Campus Solutions bundle. Is our subscriber correct, and have you augmented your explicit dynamics simulation feature? If so, would you please describe the improvements? It's not simple to find information about a possible change.

Thank you for your trouble.

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    Autodyn has many features in common with LS-DYNA, but is not a reduced feature set of that software. It was independently developed by Century Dynamics.

    Jan 5, 2005, ANSYS announced that it has acquired Century Dynamics. Century Dynamics.
    Century Dynamics' main product, AUTODYN, includes computational structural dynamics
    finite element solvers (FE), finite volume solvers for fluid dynamics (CFD), 
    mesh-free particle solvers for high velocity, large deformation and fragmentation 
    problems (SPH), and multi-solver coupling for multi-physics solutions including 
    coupling between FE, CFD and SPH methods.

    ANSYS created a new interface in Workbench for using the AUTODYN solver which is now called Explicit Dynamics.

    ANSYS added an interface in 1996 to the LS-DYNA solver, which ANSYS (or the customer) licensed from LSTC.

    ANSYS acquired LSTC in 2019 and can now sell licenses (or bundle them) for the LS-DYNA solver.

    I have not used LS-DYNA, but your post alerted me to the availability for Student use, so I just downloaded it. Thank you.

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    Good afternoon,

    This is a great help. Thank you for taking the time to outline the history of Autodyn.

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