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I started to learn Ansys SPEOS recently and I would like to know if anyone have any answers to the following two questions I have.

I have created a Fluorescent material type (polymer film) which includes quantum dots. The details which I have entered in the 'Fluorescence' tab in the material. Currently I have given a absorption spectrum range between 250-540nm and emission range from 500-1000nm for the quantum dot.

1) I would like to know what is this scattering variation graph which shows in the below figure. I would also like to know what is the wavelength range I need to give in the scattering variation so that the quantum dots will work. Does Ansys software automatically calculate the diffusion coefficient?

2) Currently I have 0.9% w/w of 5nm quantum dots in a polymer(density=1.5g/cm3). I have converted this to parts/mm3 so I can enter it to the software and I was wondering if below conversion is correct.

0.9% w/w = 9000ppm = 9000 e-6 mg/mm3 = 9000 e-9 g/mm3*1000/1.5g= 0.006/mm3

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